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Outpatient Programs

Crosspoint operates an outpatient clinic licensed for addictions treatment and staffed with licensed mental health professionals, as well. The clinic is located adjacent in the Austin-Cullum Outpatient Center in the east wing of The Summit.

The Austin-Cullum Outpatient Center provides trauma-informed mental health and addictions services to Veterans, their families and care-givers through a Texas HHS-funded grant. The Veterans and Family program also serves active duty military and the grant includes services for Veterans with less than honorable discharges as well as those who only wore the uniform for a short time. This outpatient center also provides free counseling services to residents of District 2 who can benefit from supportive brief intervention counseling. Crosspoint also contracts with a psychiatrist who provides services to referrals from the U.S. Probation Office.

Please call 210-549-4730 or 210-913-2216 to make a referral over the phone. This call can be made by the client, the CPS officer, a treatment counselor or even a family member.