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Recovery Support Home (RSH) at Pryor House

The RSH is a transitional residence for adult women who have completed inpatient or outpatient addictions treatment but lack adequate resources to live independently. Referrals come from Alpha Home and the Department of Veterans Affairs.  Referrals from other community-based treatment programs can be considered, as well. This program is a means of filling a vital therapeutic need often ignored in our community. The clients are referred to this transitional living environment after establishing recovery beyond treatment. The RSH program offers the residents an extended opportunity to establish sufficient financial independence so that they are able to secure stable housing of their own. 

This program accommodates up to 15 women at one time. Crosspoint staffs the home 24/7 and provides catered meals on a daily basis.  The women entering the program may already have full-time employment, and are assisted in obtaining it if they do not. During their anticipated four month stay, the residents work, save money, develop positive support systems and establish permanent housing.  Residents continue with outpatient counseling, support groups and have access to a licensed social worker at the Pryor House. As in all of our residential programs, Crosspoint provides the RSH residents a structured environment aimed at restoring self-sufficiency and personal accountability.